Is this course designed for me?  

  • You're a copywriter, designer or marketing specialist. You've been helping to build brands for a while but you're ready to bring more to the table.  You want your clients to see you as their strategic partner - to stand out more from your competition, increase your earning potential, and have a greater impact on their business.  To be paid for your ideas not just your execution. You know your clients need a strong brand strategy, but adding this to your skills has always felt a bit intimidating and complicated. You need a course that goes a lot deeper than just the theory, and fully equips you with all the practical tools and clarity you need to become confident selling brand strategy to your clients. 
  • You’ve been a brand strategist for a while but it’s a bit of a lonely job. There are very few resources or people out there helping you improve your craft. You’d love to spend half your time honing your processes and inspiring your thinking - but who's got time for that? You just want a stack of practical tools, questions, analysis frameworks and world-class examples to sharpen your skills and strengthen your offer, so you can continue to help clients strengthen theirs.
  • You're a founder with a solid business but not a strong brand.  You know that brands are THE key to unlocking higher margins, greater market share, better marketing, AND innovation. You're ready to do this properly and get your brand strategy in place to set you up right for your next phase of growth.

Nodding along? Then you're in the right place! Brand Strategy Academy will equip you with the understanding, practical tools and support to help you do brand strategy with clarity and confidence. 

The course is amazing! The most comprehensive look at what it actually means to put together a brand strategy that I've come across (and I've seen lots). Thank you for putting together a wonderful course!

Ange Friesen, Copywriter

Hi Sarah, I'm a couple of modules into your course and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how flipping brilliant it is. I've done a couple of brand strat courses in the last couple of years, building on the practical work I do with clients. But I'll be honest and say I haven't found one that's really hit the mark - either not enough detail or so cerebral that there's no practical application. So thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.  You share so openly and I can already see tweaks I can put in practice with my own clients.  

Nic Simpson, Copywriter

Loving your course! You make it so straight-forward and logical. Perfect. 

Matthew McCoy, Director Brand, Design, Experience

By the end of 
Brand Strategy Academy,

you'll know…

  • What a brand strategy is and how it’s key to unlocking higher margins, greater market share, customer and employee engagement, marketing, AND innovation.
  • How to create a world-class brand strategy for ANY business, using a SIMPLE, jargon-free model derived from my +20 years experience, with specific guidance on how to tailor the process - whether you're working with a global multinational or a start-up.

  • How to run and analyse the research, workshops and audits you need to make sure your brand strategy is RIGHT - with every detail covered in practical 'plug-and-play' helpsheets, so you can implement these with confidence.

  • How to engage and guide business leaders and employees through the brand strategy process, so they feel a deep sense of ownership in the outcome.

  • How to write a brand diagnosis and a world-class brand strategy, with easy to fill-in formats, a real-world practice case study and over 40 inspiring examples from the world's most valuable brands.
  • How to price, run and schedule a brand strategy project, and how to write a brand strategy proposal.
  • How to guide your client through brand strategy implementation: what they need to do for the 12 months after a brand strategy is in place.

"As a marketer, I needed to have an understanding of brand, what it entails, and how I can use my learnings to advance my career.

Sarah is a brand strategy guru. She crafted and curated the course in a way that guides you not only to have a core understanding of the concept of a brand, its importance, and how getting it right can put your business on the right trajectory to grow and flourish, but also, a one that provides you with helpful sheets and handouts which set you up for success!"

Rana El Zein
Marketing & Sales Consultant

"Sarah’s passion for branding is inspiring. She has presented the material in a very organised and well thought out manner that makes the concepts easy to grasp.

This is a must for anyone interested in branding and building brands for both novices and experienced branding professionals. A simple, straightforward and sensible process which gets to the heart of brand strategy without complicated terminology and other distractions!"

Anaheeta Dhawan
Brand Strategist

“Sarah’s training helped us achieve a number of goals with our expanding consulting team – improving everyone’s awareness of brand strategy and equipping us with a set of very practical tools and techniques that we can put to immediate use. The team really valued the clarity of Sarah’s approach and her training style, the clarity of communication and the simplicity and usability of the models. So thank you!”

Robert Hollier, Consulting Director & Partner

What’s Inside
Brand Strategy Academy 



The Fundamentals

Module 1 is all about setting the foundations.  By the end of this module you’ll understand what a brand is, what brand strategy is, what branding is, and how all of this connects to market share and business growth.  

You may think this is obvious... but is it, really?  Can you confidently and clearly explain it to a client? Do you have the stats at hand to show them how brand strategy impacts business growth, customer and employee engagement, and innovation? You will after this module.

Lesson 2 in this module is all about the framework. The 4 brand strategy questions EVERY world-class brand answers. 

Forget brand vision, mission, purpose, values, promise, positioning, beliefs, personality, credos, maxims and all the other language that may have bamboozled you (and your clients) up to this point.

Once you understand these fundamentals, and the order to address them, then the hazy world of brands and branding suddenly becomes crystal clear!

Module Highlights:

  • Simple and clear answers to: What is a brand? What is brand strategy?  What is branding? Why do you need brand strategy? What's the value of brand strategy to a business?
  • A simple, proven Brand Strategy Framework that works for ANY client in any industry
  • PDF Helpsheet that recaps all the fundamentals taught in the video lessons

The Roadmap

So now it’s time to roll your sleeves up and get into the detail.

This module helps you understand EXACTLY how to run a brand strategy project. 

From the big picture – the 3 lenses you HAVE to look through – to weekly project checklists,  I’ve got you covered.

And if you’re wondering how to cost a brand strategy project, then wonder no more. It’s all in here.

I also walk you through a case study from one of my global clients so you can see how you get from the start point of a project, right through to the end.  AND there's a bonus video and help sheet on how to adapt the process when you're working with start-ups.

It shows you how all the insights weave together to get you the answers to your 4 brand strategy questions, and how this results in a happy, fully engaged client, who uses your brand strategy as a springboard for change.

Module Highlights:

  • The 3 lenses you have to look through to create a successful brand strategy
  • How to cost a brand strategy project
  • Case Study so you can see the whole picture
  • THREE PDF Helpsheets:  Detailed 8 week project plan and weekly checklist; How to write a brand strategy proposal;  How to adapt the process for start-ups.  

Customer Insight

This module is all about how to do customer research to get the insights you need to inform your brand strategy in the most efficient way possible. 

There are many, many ways you can do research, but my goal here is to share with you only what you need. 

Two simple ways that are proven to work - that I’ve used successfully on clients large and small, across a multitude of industries.

So you can skill-up, run it for your client, and move swiftly and successfully through their brand strategy project.

If you’ve ever felt daunted by customer research – worry no more.  This module will equip you with the confidence and ability to run brand strategy research for your client - and even enjoy it!

Module Highlights:

  • HOW you do Customer Research, and WHO you need to do it with
  • Exactly what to ask in the research
  • How to analyse the research 
  • THREE PDF Helpsheets: Customer Interview Questions; Customer Online Survey; How To Analyse The Customer Research 

Competitor Insight

Module 4 dives into the second critical piece of insight gathering - the competitors.

A successful brand strategy is relevant, authentic and sufficiently differentiated - I explain what I mean by this first!

Then you'll learn what you need to find out in your competitor research and the quickest way to find it.  (I've done HUNDREDS of competitor audits, so let me speed them up for you!)

I also give you guidance on how to think about 'competitors' more broadly. Sometimes, the competition is not who you think it is...

Module Highlights:

  • How you do Competitor Research, how long you should set aside to do it, and where to find the information
  • PDF Helpsheet, including your Competitor Research Template 

Company Insight

The first lesson in this module introduces the three different ways to get company insight.

We also walk through the preparation you - and your client - need to do beforehand, to make sure you get the most from whichever option you choose.

There is a detailed lesson on running my  Brand Strategy Workshop, with an overview of each activity and tips on how to get the most from the session.

If you've ever felt a bit nervous to run a workshop for a client, or not known the right questions to ask clients about brand strategy, then worry no more!  It's all in here.

Module Highlights:

  • Three different ways to engage the business in the brand strategy
  • PDF Interview Guide - including specific sections for interviewing leadership, and specific questions for Start-Up Founders/Teams
  • PDF Workshop Guide - a scripted, timed, detailed guide, including pre-workshop requests, and a preparation checklist  

Writing the Brand Strategy

I shouldn’t have favourites – but this is the module that gets me most excited for you.

It’s where all the hard work from the insight modules pays off, and you get to write the brand strategy.

I break each piece of the strategy framework down in these lessons, and give you tips and heaps of examples on how to write each part.  I tell you what's flexible, what needs to stay fixed, and help you with my 'So What' ladder to get to the most powerful articulations.

I also share with you the 3 categories almost all 'purpose' statements sit under - from my study of 181 of the world's most valuable brands.   

Module Highlights:

  • Exactly how to write your brand strategy
  • A clear and simple framework for you to complete
  • A 27 page PDF Helpsheet with over 30 examples from the world's most valuable brands to inspire you. Including Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, You Tube, BMW, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Intel, Samsung, TESLA, Google, GE, Accenture, McDonald's, IBM, NETFLIX, Cisco, Airbnb
  • PRACTICE CASE STUDY! I'm so excited to be able to offer you this - it's truly unique to this course. A full set of research from one of my kind clients for you to practice writing a brand strategy from. AND a video of me presenting my recommended strategy from the exact same research to the clients so you ca see how I brought it all together.

If you enroll today, you’ll get:

A $897 value - at least!
(As many 
industry leaders keep telling me!)

  • Crystal clear answers to: What is a brand? What is brand strategy?  What is branding? Why do you need brand strategy?

  • A simple, proven Brand Strategy Framework that works for ANY client in any industry

  • Over 30 Brand Strategy examples from the world's most valuable brands

  • All the questions you need to ask and all the analysis frameworks you need to gather the insights that identify what's the right strategy for your client

  • My Brand Strategy Workshop plan - all scripted out for you. Just plug and play!
  • An 8 week, step-by-step, Brand Strategy Project plan and checklist

  • Lifetime access to the course, so you can take it at your own pace and get any updates or additions for free
  • The confidence and clarity to add Brand Strategy to your skillset, elevating your offer, your client relationships, and your impact.

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Elevate Your Business and Offer Even Further! 


Bonus 1

EXTRA MODULE! Business Implementation 

A 12 month implementation plan and insight on what your client needs to do next once a brand strategy is in place.

(A $149 Value)

What You’ll Get:

This bonus module walks you through how to approach the 12 months after a brand strategy has been identified. It includes a sample 12 Month Brand Strategy Implementation Plan from one of my client projects and covers:

  • The #1 mistake most companies make when rolling out a brand strategy
  • The 2 variables that influence any rollout plan
  • The 3 Workstreams that need to occur simultaneously, and the stages within them
Bonus 2

References and Resources 

My little black book of resources: books, people, articles and insight sources to help you further your brand strategy journey.  I am constantly adding to this, and since you get lifetime access to the course, you'll always get any updates.

(A $39 Value)

What You’ll Get:

A PDF of resources and references to all the research I mention in the Academy, to help you continue your brand strategy journey.

  • Books I recommend 
  • Articles and people I follow
  • References and further reading ideas on areas we cover in the Academy
Bonus 3

Weekly Live Q&As on our Private Brand Strategy Academy Group, for members only

Get your questions answered by me to help you maintain your momentum through the modules, and connect with an amazing group of alumni and others going through the course.  

(A $279 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Exclusive membership of the Brand Strategy Academy community.

  • Access to me to help answer your questions. I do Live Q&As every week for 8 weeks every time I launch the course.   And your access to these are not limited  just to the time you've enrolled. You get access to all Live Q&As every time the course launches to continue to help you when you start selling your first projects!
  • Access to the alumni to build your global network and help keep you motivated.
  • A space to overcome any sense of 'doing this alone' with live, ongoing support from your cohort, and me!

"Sarah does a wonderful job explaining the importance and advantages of developing a brand strategy, and then walks us through a process of getting it done. Her approach resonates with me because it strips away a bunch of the nonsense that’s often associated with brand strategy process and deliverables. Brand strategy development is hard work that has, over the years and in the hands of agencies with high overheads, been made harder than it needs to be. With a warm smile, loads of encouragement and a lot of practical, documented advice, Sarah tears down the edifice and the artifice. Her course will help anyone who wants to get to some hard, ownable truths about themselves that will allow them to, in her words, 'sufficiently differentiate'."

Byron Freney, Chief Strategy Officer at milk+honey 


"As our company's founder I found the course so good that I bought it for 4 of my subordinates. By the end of it we felt like we got 10x more from it than we put into it. We seriously got to the core of who we are in a way we'd never gotten to before. (And we've spent 10's of thousands of dollars on brand studies previously)."

Paul Lubitz, CEO, Holly Yashi

"As someone who does not have a background in brand strategy or marketing, I appreciated Sarah's step by step process. She made it a very understandable and manageable process that I enjoyed being part of."

Mindy Adams, Holly Yashi


"As a practicing global brand strategist myself it might seem strange that I decided to do Sarah's course! I can report back that it was a very good decision! As well as validating all I've learnt over the years, it has equipped me with even more proof that investing in getting your brand strategy right is paramount to business success.

Sarah's brand strategy experience is second to none and her personable, jargon-free and clear way of putting it across is so refreshing. The templates and project plans she has put together makes it even easier to structure a project and to plan next steps, her recommendations on tailoring research approaches and the variety of recent industry examples add value and save time and her reading list brings up-to-date and on-going inspiration.
Great value for money." 

Ali Stegeman, Brand Strategist

Plus, You'll Be Backed by a Risk-Free 30-Day Guarantee

I've had no money back requests on this course, but this doesn't mean it's right for absolutely everyone.

The last thing I want are people regretting signing up because they don't feel it's right for them.  I'm here to help you, not to burden you.

So, if you've gone through the first 4 modules and you don't feel confident that this course will equip you to offer brand strategy to your clients, then simply reach out, show me you've put in the work and I'll refund your investment.   

Here's some other frequently asked questions:

How do I know that your process will actually work?

Well, don't just take my word for it. Take my clients'.

Sarah has been my go-to brand strategist for years.  Whether at a tech start-up, or a multinational Fortune 100 company, Sarah's approach was easily understood and implemented by all.

She brought clarity to our brand, helping us find the springboard for our next phase of growth.

Rachel Fairley,Global Vice President Brand Marketing at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


I have known Sarah for almost 10 years and we've worked together on 3 different projects.
For every single one her work was transformational. Sarah’s ability to guide and advise so competently is phenomenal.

The positive impact and effect the implementation of her work has had on the businesses is huge.

Thomas Kochs, MD, Corinthia London


Sarah is a true master in defining brands, creating strategies built on depth of insight, that give companies their platform for growth.
She takes founders and business owners on the journey with her, helping them to understand the process and the power of building a differentiated brand. 

Bryony Simpson, Founder, WePioneer

Still thinking about it?

You should give Brand Strategy Academy a 30-day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following:

  1. You want to be an expert in brands, not just an expert in executing them.  It's time you were valued for, and paid for, your ideas.

  2. You want to be viewed as a real partner in your client’s business and have an impact across their whole organisation.

  3. You’re sick of working into the night on a multitude of small, low-revenue, undervalued projects. You want to attract the bigger clients, with the bigger budgets, who value your strategic skills and the impact you can have on their business.

  4. You want to offer something to clients that helps you stand apart from your competitors.

  5. You feel it's time to step your career up a gear, and you're ready to invest in yourself to get there.

I can’t wait for you to join Brand Strategy Academy

Creating brand strategies for my clients has been fascinating and rewarding on so many levels - both in terms of the impact I have and the revenue I earn.

I want the same for you.

I want to help you elevate your business and career by sharing my 20 years experience, tools and processes working on, and studying, the world’s biggest and best brands.

Brand strategy has been made unnecessarily complicated and it puts people off learning how to do it.  I break down these barriers with this course, and show you that there is a simple approach, that anyone can learn, that works for any business.

You don’t need 3 years of study, 150 video lessons or a $2500 degree course – you just need these 7 Modules to be able to confidently add ‘Brand Strategist’ to your resume.   I’d love you to take this risk-free opportunity to invest in your professional development.

You can do it now, do it right, and elevate your business.

I look forward to meeting you inside Brand Strategy Academy.

All best wishes,