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Hi, I'm Sarah. Brand strategy is my profession and obsession. I teach marketers, designers, copywriters and consultants exactly how to do it, and work one-on-one with select clients to help them create theirs.


Knowing how to do brand strategy can elevate your career and earning potential.

It creates more valuable and impactful relationships with clients.

It helps you stand apart from others, increasing what you can charge for your skills.

It puts you in the boardroom with the C-suite; because it impacts marketing, customer relationships, employee engagement and business innovation. 

Brand strategy is not rocket science; but it can feel intimidating and inaccessible.

Lots of jargon, complicated models and conflicting terminology make it hard to know where to start.

The select few people in agencies who have a brand strategy role rarely have time to train others to do the job.

The truth is, anyone can learn how to create world-class brand strategies, with the right guide.

Equipping you with an easy, clear and practical approach to brand strategy is my mission. 
Get started today with free access to my 7 simple steps formula - giving you the clarity you need on what brand strategy is, why it's important and how to do it,


Whether you just want to get started with the fundamentals, or you're ready to become an expert, I have the tools for you.

A little background 

My mission is to help you become a confident brand consultant  - elevating the impact you can have on your clients and the fees you can charge - by equipping you with the tools, proof and clarity you need to become a brand strategy expert.

Why am I the right person to help you do this?  

Well, I've been doing this a long time.  20 years in fact (ouch!).  Working on multiple, world-leading brands, across the A-Z of industries.  In senior brand strategy roles in many of the world’s best agencies, in London, New York and San Francisco. I’ve got rich, deep, broad perspective.

Why should you care?  
Because it brings you clarity and confidence. You get a simple approach that has worked for all sorts of businesses.  With no unhelpful branding/marketing jargon.  Instead, a crystal-clear, proven framework that clients understand, adopt and act on.  No brand bamboozling, just business buy-in.

Secondly, I geek out on brand strategy.
For the past 8 years I have been creating and constantly updating a database of the brand strategies of the world’s most valuable brands.  
Some people collect baseball caps … I collect brand strategies...  

How does this help you?
Well, 20 years real-world experience + this unique database = geeky fun for me; tons of industry-leading examples for you. I know you want to do this at a world-class level, so I bring you the strategies of the world's most valuable brands in Brand Strategy Academy.


"As a marketer, I needed to have an understanding of brand, what it entails and how it can help advance my career. Sarah has crafted and curated Brand Strategy Academy in a way that guides you, not only to have a core understanding of the concept of a brand, its importance, and how getting it right can put your business on the right trajectory to grow and flourish, but also, one that provides you with helpful sheets and handouts which set you up for success!"

Rana El-Zein
Marketing & Sales Consultant

"Sarah’s Brand Strategy Academy training helped us achieve a number of goals with our expanding consulting team – improving everyone’s awareness of brand strategy and equipping us with a set of very practical tools and techniques that we can put to immediate use. The team really valued the clarity of Sarah’s approach and her training style."

Robert Hollier
Consulting Director & Partner

"I just completed Brand Strategy Academy. Sarah does a wonderful job explaining the importance and advantages of developing a brand strategy, and then walks us through a process of getting it done. Her approach resonates with me because it strips away a bunch of the nonsense that’s often associated with brand strategy process and deliverables. With a warm smile, loads of encouragement and a lot of practical, documented advice, Sarah tears down the edifice and the artifice."

Byron Freney
Chief Strategy Officer at milk+honey


Head on over to my blog for lots of brand strategy insight, inspiration and valuable tips.


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