Rewind a minute - what is brand strategy??

brand strategy branding Sep 08, 2020

So I've been writing away about branding for a while, but I got a couple of emails this week from people asking me to rewind a bit, and answer, 'What is brand strategy?'

So here's a 5 minute clip from my free 'Brand Strategy in 7 Simple Steps' mini-course that explains it.

I start by rewinding even further - to what is a brand.

Because you've gotta know that, before you know what brand strategy is.

If you're more a reader than a watcher, get the explanation below.

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Wishing you clear, confident brand-building progress my friend!

What is a brand?

All brands really are, are the associations people have about a business in their minds. 

And studies and neuroscience have shown that the stronger and more connected these associations are, the more likely a customer is to choose and buy your brand.

So what does this mean for you?

If you want to build a strong brand, then what you need to focus on is building these connected associations in your customer's mind.

So all this stuff that you do - whether it's designing a logo, or training your customer service representatives, or bringing out a new product - all of this needs to support the associations that you want to be building in your customers' minds. 
All of these things need to be connected.  
Because connected, dense associations lead to more money!

But how do you connect them?

What is brand strategy?

Well you start by deciding what you want to stand for!  You decide what associations you want to build by doing your brand strategy.

This is what brand strategy is - your decision on what you want to stand for in people's minds.

Being really CLEAR on what you want to stand for - and then doing everything you can, through every customer touchpoint you have to get this across, so that you are building dense, connected associations.

So if you haven’t taken the time to decide which associations you want to build - if you've never really done your brand strategy properly - how can you ever build a strong brand?

And the mistake you may have made is to skip this bit.   Am I right? 

You have a great business idea – then you’ve leapt to doing stuff to try and appeal to your customers and new recruits.  You’ve started branding and naming and marketing. Creating logos, writing websites, designing ads...  BUT you haven’t got a strong foundation – you haven’t got any way to link together all of this stuff you're doing – and it's not looking or feeling connected.

You're missing the bridge.  And this bridge you are missing is your brand strategy.

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